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私はまだここにいるよ!!! :D Kikikiki ^_^ I'm just a simple woman who likes to read and write simple stories with life-like characters. All while drinking some tea. I just recently came back to deviant to basically use it for an outlet of creativity. My writing and my Art. I'm more so good at writing then I am at digitally drawing but I hope to improve on both. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything and if you need a writing partner. Or if anyone fluent in English would like to Beta me. Please note me okeh! ^_^


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Dear AssassinRaven,

You must really want a picture of a girl, don't you? I usually don't associate with desperate men but you're very I know it has nothing to do with desperation, you're just...a long way from the opposite sex and that could drive any guy insane I'm sure.

If I lived on an island full of girls, well, I think having a group of girls on an Island is a fate worse than a nuclear war...too many Diva's in one place is destined to start it's own war and there would probably be no survivors.

BTW you are the one who's being could be a male model with eyes like that, they're pretty captivating...
ya know?

:D well I'm not a photoholic person, I tend to hide from my mother's digital camera or anything that's pointed at me and demanding my attention. I'm not very photogenic...most girls appear to be but I find that I am an embarrassment through any lens.

I can barely get good photo's on Facebook lol, all of my photo's are of me sleeping and they are usually taken during class and I'm tagged in them.

I know, that's pathetic right but I hardly go on Facebook anyway, I have a lot of issues at home to deal with and I'm awaiting some college news that hasn't come back to me yet.

I can't send you a picture, that would be way too easy. :) I think I'd like to string you along a little more...since you've made it clear that you wouldn't 'Accidentally' wind up dead.

I guess you can call it an insurance fee because I like getting letters from you, now I realize what I had been missing out on in kindergarten all those years ago when my jail mate died.

I'm surprised every time my dad walks through the door and see's me doing homework, when you write he just tosses the letter onto the table and calls it a bill.


Well, it's no rush, I don't want this to be an inconvenience for you. I know your in a really tough situation so only write when your positive you can.

I'm only seventeen and I don't plan to be moving anytime soon or something life changing to occur so this will still be my address.

Anyway, thank you for the picture, it's good to have a face to go with the neatest handwriting in the world you chick :}. I hope that your in a decent place and you're doing well...

Hope you return to your parent's safe soon.

-Your PePa,


Dear CherryKlutz,

Cherry...your going to give me a hard time, aren't you?

Well, lay it on me because I'm solid, like the cold steel of a bullet I can break through the skin of anyone...even yours. :)

If your smiling, you owe me a picture and when you owe me something I'll make sure to get it when I come to collect. I'm not sure when this whole thing will be over or if it will ever end.

Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight.

There's a lot of red sand in Suna and it's hotter than hell in it's deserts. I've lost many comrades from starvation and simply because they feel they have no reason to go on. For awhile I've been feeling the exact same way but now, I have something interesting to look forward to. I'm never the first one to read my male and never the first one to send it off.

Every thought counts to me and I refuse to just write some ape shit and send it to you. Thoughts are precious things and I never know which thought can be my last.

I like receiving letters from keeps me on my game, these past two weeks have really gotten me through the ringer.

Hearing from someone back at home makes me realize why I'm out here...trying to beat the odds, so, thank you...Cherry.

Since you are, again, withholding a picture of yourself from me can you please mail me a news paper?

Sweet Dreams and Good Morning...Cherry.

Last thought- I'm not going anywhere.


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