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私はまだここにいるよ!!! :D Kikikiki ^_^ I'm just a simple woman who likes to read and write simple stories with life-like characters. All while drinking some tea. I just recently came back to deviant to basically use it for an outlet of creativity. My writing and my Art. I'm more so good at writing then I am at digitally drawing but I hope to improve on both. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything and if you need a writing partner. Or if anyone fluent in English would like to Beta me. Please note me okeh! ^_^


Isn't it funny how limitless an answer to one question could be, based on the person asking?

Everyday of my existence. I am tasked with the most powerful question of the century.

Do I kill myself or do I kill others?

Humane Reasons.

As entertaining as that million dollar question is I have two simple reasons for not doing either.

One,would mean to not exist and there are way too many people I'd like to piss off by existing so, no.

Two, murdering don't exactly guarantee a glamorous life and although I'm bilingual when it comes to sexual preferences I'd like to not be raped in jail.

The only raping that is to be happening right now, is the raping of these Doritos and the broken x button on my gamer controller that I assumed I had popped into place five rounds ago. The stubborn button would not be compliant. I hissed at it and jabbed it like a hammer to a nail. Which only made it rebel even more. It snapped from the hosts contraption and fell on the pine soaked linoleum.

With a sigh of contempt I roll my eyes around in their sore sockets, entertaining the idea of retrieving it. Every time a thought of motion crept into my mind, laziness wasn't too far behind and then I felt I couldn't be engaged in such menial trifles.

That's what bells are for. I guess I'll give it another ring-ah-ding.

I perk up on the suede white sofa that had probably been stained with the mark of my existence and teeter forward reluctantly to snatch a silver bell that had been dangling off a leathery pink collar embroidered with flowers and gold trim .

I hold the collar to my ear and give it a thoughtless shake. The bell seemed to sound much more alluring when it wasn't around my throat. I could hear it's melodious chime and thought it beautiful or it would have been, if it had simply just been a bell.

If someone doesn't respond I'll just leave with the prize.

It's not like I had anything better to do but drink pop, eat junk, play games, break buttons and repeat until I was assigned another mission. Believe it or not there were sickos in this world that believe this was living the life and it was the closest thing to being alive but not close enough to make me ok with accepting this as life.

I chew on that thought, retracing my steps of extraction before I came up with a blank. I didn't have much time to ponder it once more. A lengthy gust of wind snatched around my face and the air thinned out. The lukewarm temperature climbed to deathly shot of ice and the waiting room that I had built in my mind to disguise limbos dreary report room began to drain and bleed into something scaly and dirty. Four walls that would never be clean formed around me and so did the smell of despair that I had so desperately tried to ignore.

Being close to a Reaper always put me in a snooty and aggravated mood.

I sighed.

Reapers are such show offs.

I had now been kneeling in a graveyard of jagged blood soaked bones and a cloudy black sky of smoke crept along the floor. Unimpressed,I gathered to my bare feet with the limber stretch and a gasm of yawns.

"You guys should be discredited, you're either never on time or too early but two days late is just rude."

Grappling my haul, I twist around to see the cloaked figure. Arrayed from head to toe in a black robe. The only distinguishable features of the entity were two small white pupils that pierced whoever were in their path. His ghoulish left hand had been clinched around an aging scythe with a steep point and intricate carvings down it's lethal body.

"The soul..."

I held up the leash and it's glimmering bell. The soul trapped inside lay dormant with a faint glow.

"You're welcome." I offered walking the distance since he made it clear that he had no intentions to. I offer him the soul and he reaches out to obtain it, extracting it out from the core of the bell with a simple finger and letting the glow dance around his fingers like a frightened insect. He then pushed it past the transparent four walls, sending it off into the depths of limbo.

The soul was like a dim flicker of sunlight, being swallowed whole within the darkness.

Shiba Botaki, seven years old, he followed me everywhere...people liked kittens.

"Your parents...are a stubborn case."

"What's that supposed to mean."

should I be offended?

With a small growl I attach the collar back around my throat and roll my eyes. Reapers couldn't see. They were as blind as bats but they could detect feelings and somehow pinpoint your exact location by a single sound. They were like magicians with creepy tattered drapes as robes and a deck of cards. They dealt in every affair regarding the souls of man making sure everyone was delivered to the After.

Being dead and heartless aided them.

Being nearly dead does not help me or people like me.


There were thousands of us. Souls trapped between life and death based on the situation of our near death.

We are commonly known as the coma victims.

Rather then letting us fester in limbo like every other completely dead person we were tasked to bring in souls a more humane way since the reapers were too busy running limbo.

It's great to not be dead but at what price?

"You've gone to see your earthly body. Your body withers away hour upon hour and yet they will not be rid of that fervent vessel. They would rather watch you endure an endless sleep, a prisoner of your flesh, then to put your soul to rest. Selfishness at it's very...disgusting, core."

Of course the heartless bag of bones could talk. He had been dead since before time and had possibly never endured a single nerve of humanity, the pain of loss.

I didn't intend to respond with much heart. Reapers fed off despair and anger like a baby clinching to the nipple on bottle of milk. I sighed, allowing his thoughts to echo around in my head. It had been the only way of communicating.

"Well there's still a chance that I'll get to live."

I assure him, certain that all Guides had a chance of returning to their bodies if they complied to the quotas of a certain amount of souls and their physical body hadn't been unplugged.

"You seem awfully cocky for a half dead girl, though the offer still stands, not many pull through to make that leap back into existence. Your body is the only life line holding you tethered to the world up there. This is ...purely a race against time, so I'd suggest you get to your next assignment."

I couldn't agree with the robe of bones more. This doom and gloom lecture had been a series of an unfortunate many. The first orientation was practically terrifying because we were all new to this second world life and most of us were non-believers. It's taken Guides a few days to wrap their minds around the grand scheme of things but the moment I heard there was a chance. A chance to get my life back I clung onto this mission, this journey to claw my way back to the people I've loved.

There were so many things I didn't get to do, or say. I needed to say them...

Abruptly a gust of angry wind brushed my face and the unidentifiable Reaper had vanished in a flicker behind the very soul he had unleashed into the depth of the in between.

I had never endured the in between but every time I saw him release a soul. I was worried, that I was working on the wrong side but death was a natural occurrence even though it sucked being the one to push the hatchet.

It was the price to pay.

Do I kill myself or Do I kill others?

Guide Reasons

In this light, that question is neither entertaining or thought provoking.

It was kill or be killed but as limitless as the answers are.

The only answer for me, by any means necessary.
The Diviner
How many souls does she have to take before she can live again? The name of the game is to reap and oddly enough she had tamed herself to believe that she was on the good team, that is, until she comes across a soul she can't bare to reap.
Ch. 1- The beginning of the End

There are things that I want to do.

Those things would be deemed as horrible if I said them out loud.

I keep them trapped and tied up in a little pretty bow to disguise them, from myself.

Pretty things never attracted me.

Is it nasty to love the sick part of me.

Does it make me less i beyond saving? Do I even want to be.

"A...Uchiha, Swashkay?"

"It's...Sasuke." My mother chirps as she perks up at the nurse. The waiting room is a festering pit of injured and sick people and their doomed existence. Everyone's injuries seem urgent, those who showed such wounds.

I catch the eye of most as being the one with a pristine bill of health. No gashes, no bullet marks, no amputated limb. I was well attached and clean. They all seemed very distrusting of my proximity.

Who could blame them? For all they knew, I could be the threat. I could be the hit man sent to come finish the job.

They were wrong.

I was the sickest one, the detached parts were just underneath my skin. I s'pose you could say I felt like they looked.

My entire body palpitated, I kept feeling a stream of deathly cold liquid spill down my chest but every time I looked down, slapping a palm to my chest I realized it had either been my brain making up stuff or the spill was happening underneath my skin.

I snapped my fingers around my mothers wrist like cuffs and uttered it in her ear.

"There's something going on..."

Was I delirious?

She began to usher me closely to the wing of the waiting room where a nurse awaited us. Once we reached her, she granted us with a slight grin and led us down a corridor. I slung against my mothers side, depended on her strength to keep me afloat which hadn't been entirely fair. Like a lion leaning against a sheet of paper, I knew I couldn't be fully set on using her.

"I hate this..."

I could feel her pulse interfering with mine.

"Relax baby boy...we'll get to the bottom of this."

The lights down this corridor are flickering. The smell was dank, musk and medicated. Bodies littered the dirty linoleum, most had been so stagnant that I wasn't sure if they were dead or alive. A hysterical set of screams filled the halls and I froze. The nurse ahead of us, without a single flinch peered over her shoulder and gave us a little grin. Her eyes sharp to decipher what had stilled us.

"Everything alright back there?"

Her demeaning gaze didn't seem so subtle anymore.

"Sasuke...I know you hate hospitals but..."

"I do. Let's leave...looks like this hospital kills more than it saves anyway."

"Na-uh-uh Mr. you said it yourself, something is wrong and we're out of options. Our country is at war..." She whispered pointedly. Tugging at the white dress shirt I had been wearing.

"Dad has doctors..."

"Since this whole world went to hell I haven't heard a word from your father, I mean, for all we know he could be..."

"Dead." I finish, staring at her with finality. After all, I've been telling her that since he had gone missing. She usually just ignores me with a grim smile. The grin had been lost today.

"This is no time to deny help, we need it where we can get it and I'm not lose another son, sooo." She gave a stern pat to my hip. "...go, go, go the faster we do this...the better, right."

"" I sigh. "Right..."

Reluctantly I adapted to her stride once more ignoring the flickering withdrawals of my sight, the trickling feeling swimming through head. The nurse continued down the corridor with a more demanding strut. Heels clucking against the ground and bouncing off the walls.

"Long walk." My mother called out towards her, this was her attempt at trivial small talk.

"Well your sons case is fairly special, we separate these cases from the usual mundane issues."

A cough rattled around my insides and I wince with discomfort.

What the hell is happening to me.

I could feel that thing inside of me.

"The screaming...what's that all about?" My mother pressed. It seems that I wasn't the only one curious about the horror house yelling. It sounded like a mass murder or a mass torture.

It was creepier than most hospital visits.

"Well. With a new sickness there comes a trial and error period. Mrs. Uchiha this sickness is fairly new and while we have thousands of theories, tests are the only thing keeping our subjects alive."

"Alive?" I utter through my teeth at my mother, groaning afterwards when she jerked me closer to her hip.

"Tests..." she says softly like the off key of a piano, slightly out of breath. Her cheeks flushed. " there's no cure."

The nurse shakes her head sturdily.

"I'm afraid not."

"Then what use are you to us!?" My mother yells fitfully with a sudden dreadfulness to her tone. Her body quakes and I have to gather enough strength to keep her together.

I cough once more, hammering a fist to my fervent lips to contain whatever may come out this time.

"Mom." I wheeze.

My knees buckle but I'm too prideful to just lay there uselessly. I trample one of the bodies that lay splayed on the ground and lean up against the wall. My mother scrambles over to me all worried and teary-eye'd.

The liquid feeling trickles down my arms and legs, I shiver. My heart was held captive within a ball of fire and I could feel it tearing and dying. My eyes felt wet but I wouldn't let myself cry.

Wouldn't let her see me suffer. I could hold it. I could go peacefully.

"He's getting worse, we must hurry to sedate the spirit."

"The spirit!" My mother shouted in disbelief, she gripped either side of my face.

"We need to get you out of here...these people are insane."

I chuckle at her and she frowns with even more worry at me.

Mom. Even at the risk of me dying, she'd rather me do it at home then stay here and become an experiment or a spare limb for one of the sick people in the waiting room.

I could barely feel myself breathing. With every pulsation I felt myself closing in. I reach out to grab her face.

I love you..

I want to say.


Something vibrates beneath the soles of my feet. It starts off as nothing more than a gentle pat but steadily it climbs up to a volume I can't ignore. All the sounds are very faint. As if I'm hearing them from beneath the pit of the ocean.

My mother opens her mouth and says things, that I can't hear. Her voice a hum, like a chorus of birds. She smiles with tears streaming down her face. Her black bangs shape her face like a heart. I try to read her lips but one minute they're moving fast and the next they're barely moving.

Something dark flickers behind her and suddenly she jolts right into my arms. Her eyes are wide with surprise and then, they go lifeless, like dead light bulbs.

Her body slinks into mine and I try to hold her but she falls...and falls.


I yell in my mind but my mouth doesn't move, my arms are too heavy to catch her and she joins the hallway cemetery of bodies. Liquid trickles down my cheeks and I stare up and there's a face, sprayed with blood. A man, staring into my horrified eyes. He's arrayed in a doctors robe, his face the most familiar one I've seen this year.

With a frown I try to understand what was happening.

Uncle Ma-dara..


The grin carved into his face tells me it was intentional and that he held no qualms about doing it.

I clench my fist but I'm not sure if it is tight enough. Thoughtlessly, with little thought I swing it forward with the last wisps of energy in my being but he easily manipulates my body against me. He moves vigorously and is suddenly behind me with the upper hand.

Something sharp digs into my neck without warning and I yell. Every sense I ever lost returns back like a punch to the head.

My uncle restrains me as though I were a wild animal.

I feel like one.

Snapping, slobbing, screaming.

"I'm going to kill you!" I threaten, my brain couldn't even disguise my thoughts anymore.

He chuckled behind me.

"Many have tried." He informed me in a reserved voice, brushing the threat off as though it were no more than an empty promise.

"Why did you do that, she had better not be dead you bastard!" I hissed, knowing there was no way he could justify any reasoning. My body spams and I use them to tug repeatedly, my stare on my mothers small frame lost in the hallway of death.

He sighs.

"It pains me, it really does, to have your mother get between all of this bad blood but you have something that belongs to me and the only way I can get it out is to unleash it. Torment usually does the trick."

"What the hell are you talking about.." I grumble.

"That relic in your chest...the sickness, it belongs to me!"
Poison Skies
After experiencing a transformation called "The Sickness" a young boy finds himself evolving into something his father had unlawfully created. In a War zone a young girl enlists in the military. {Pairings, love, action, humor and loosely related Naruto references}
Mousework by Rinnysaito
Sai kept freezing -_- So I had to result to using the mouse. Just some scrap work testing out styles. Sai worked with the mouse but not with my tablet. It's going to be a pain to fix. 

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