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War of Hearts Ch.4 :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 1 0
Smokey by Rinnysaito Smokey :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 0 0 Blu by Rinnysaito Blu :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 0 0 red planet by Rinnysaito red planet :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 1 1 Mongolia by Rinnysaito Mongolia :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 1 0 frazzle by Rinnysaito frazzle :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 0 0 Falleaf by Rinnysaito Falleaf :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 1 0
The Diviner
Isn't it funny how limitless an answer to one question could be, based on the person asking?
Everyday of my existence. I am tasked with the most powerful question of the century.
Do I kill myself or do I kill others?
Humane Reasons.
As entertaining as that million dollar question is I have two simple reasons for not doing either.
One,would mean to not exist and there are way too many people I'd like to piss off by existing so, no.
Two, murdering don't exactly guarantee a glamorous life and although I'm bilingual when it comes to sexual preferences I'd like to not be raped in jail.
The only raping that is to be happening right now, is the raping of these Doritos and the broken x button on my gamer controller that I assumed I had popped into place five rounds ago. The stubborn button would not be compliant. I hissed at it and jabbed it like a hammer to a nail. Which only made it rebel even more. It snapped from the hosts contraption and fell on the pine soaked linoleum.
With a sigh of co
:iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 1 0
Poison Skies
Ch. 1- The beginning of the End
There are things that I want to do.
Those things would be deemed as horrible if I said them out loud.
I keep them trapped and tied up in a little pretty bow to disguise them, from myself.
Pretty things never attracted me.
Is it nasty to love the sick part of me.

Does it make me less i beyond saving? Do I even want to be.

"A...Uchiha, Swashkay?"
"It's...Sasuke." My mother chirps as she perks up at the nurse. The waiting room is a festering pit of injured and sick people and their doomed existence. Everyone's injuries seem urgent, those who showed such wounds.
I catch the eye of most as being the one with a pristine bill of health. No gashes, no bullet marks, no amputated limb. I was well attached and clean. They all seemed very distrusting of my proximity.
Who could blame them? For all they knew, I could be the threat. I could be the hit man sent to come finish the job.
They were wrong.
I was the sickest one, the detached parts w
:iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 3 1
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Mature content
WarofheARTS Ch. 3 :iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 8 0
Taste your breath
Light flashes, thunder gnashed and it looks like Jesus took a puff.
You're clinging to me, crying to the smoky clouds whining about how much work you put into changing your hair only for nature to fuck it up.
The thunder hisses it's reply and you decide it would be better to argue with someone who would talk back.
You insisted that I should be a gentlemen and hand over my Jacket and I insisted
that I'd be keeping it on because we both know I would never be a gentleman, not if it meant freezing my ass off.
Heavy breath spewing from your musical lungs, plumes of smoky fog with coffee scent invaded my space.
You haven't let go of me, my body can't seem to ignore your blood-red talons digging into my arm.
Hip to hip, side by side.
Locked on my arm like skin to the bone.
I can't say I don't want it, I can't say I do.
but I've felt this feeling before and I'm telling you, I'm telling you it's not true.
Raindrops dance on my head.
A plummet showers the city.
You're squealing with disappointme
:iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 5 5
War ofheARTs ch.2
Dear AssassinRaven,
Sorry I didn't write back last week, I had a lot going on. Did you cry?
How do I look?
Well, I'm not allowed to share that information with you but I can say I'm not that ugly, does that help? lol, see how it feels for someone to answer your question with utter bullshit :p.
But, I won't hold it against you...maybe it's top I'll let it slide this time .
How can you hate blue? :D it's a universal's like saying you hate pizza. Do you hate pizza?
If so, don't write back. lol jk...
That must suck, not seeing a women anywhere. I bet it's like being in jail...but hopefully not as desperate, if you know what I mean don't...butt rape men right? I'm sorry I asked that, I'm forward...I'm a lot of crazy in a small body. I think I get it from my mom. She's a very crazy chick so it's not that surprising that she rubbed off.I've spent my whole life trying not to let that happen. I failed, miserably.
What's your occupation? I know your in the Milita
:iconrinnysaito:Rinnysaito 8 11
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For Your Entertainment
Red eyes and Tears
The Craziest Drug



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私はまだここにいるよ!!! :D Kikikiki ^_^ I'm just a simple woman who likes to read and write simple stories with life-like characters. All while drinking some tea. I just recently came back to deviant to basically use it for an outlet of creativity. My writing and my Art. I'm more so good at writing then I am at digitally drawing but I hope to improve on both. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything and if you need a writing partner. Or if anyone fluent in English would like to Beta me. Please note me okeh! ^_^



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